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The text author, Ulrich Renz, and the illustrator, Barbara Brinkmann, spring 2015

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Helpful brains

Our Little Wolf project has been made possible through the cooperation and help of many, many people: family and friends of the author, friends of the author's friends ... and the friends of theirs ... - all of them contributed their ideas, their skills and their time. Without them our bilingual books would never have come into existence. Thanks to all of you!

A special praise and thanks is to be given to the wonderful people who dedicated their time to translating Little Wolf's story, originally written in German, into their mother language. It has by now - as of december 2020 - been translated into 68 languages!

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68 languages - remember the formula of our friend Martin - makes for exactly 4556 bilingual combinations ... and all of them can be ordered with our "Language Wizard" and will reach your home within two days!

4556 books to be layouted, 4556 book jackets to be pieced together, 4556 ISBN barcodes to be generated etc etc... and all of this not only for the paperback but also for ebook versions. Even a big publishing company would be overwhelmed.

So this is were the "nerds" came in - most notably one who happens to be the son of the author: Paul.

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